Sparton Technology NEMA 6P Amphibian Enclosures


Our amphibian enclosures meet the harsh NEMA 6P standards required to withstand prolonged submersion in floodwaters. Each enclosure is fully tested under positive air pressure at 5 PSI for 24 hours.

When a situation calls for the need to keep sensitive components safe from water and moisture intrusion, our amphibian enclosures are uniquely suited to the task.

Standard NEMA 6P Enclosure Characteristics

Sparton Technology Corporation's proprietary NEMA 6P enclosures house and protect your sensitive components from water and moisture in a variety of environments. These enclosures can be used in commercial or industrial settings and may be deployed for use in water treatment plants, nuclear plants, flood zones and industries including energy, agriculture, marine and oil and gas. These amphibian enclosures may be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Provides protection in a prolonged submersion, at a limited depth.
  • Protection the external formation of ice.
  • Made from water corrosion resistant materials.


Sparton's Enclosure Designs

Sparton offers two basic standard external flange designs.

  • Mini-Amphibian series enclosures for smaller enclosures
  • Amphibian series enclosures for larger enclosures.

We also offer custom designed internal flange and torpedo style enclosures. By far, our most popular enclosures are the Mini-Amphibian and Amphibian Series. View the Model Specs.

Common to all submersible, amphibian enclosures is our utilization of a series of bolts applying a specific pressure to seamless gaskets.


custome made nema 6 enclosure




Standard Ports Available on NEMA 6P Enclosures

These are half couplings welded onto the enclosure faces. The standard method configuration is to put all of these on one end face of the enclosure. These are also called hubs, and they are used to make sealed connections into the enclosure, using rigid conduit with NPT threads and sealing paste.

  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • 1-1/2"
  • 2"
  • 2-1/2"
  • 4"

nema 6p enclosure


NEMA 6P Amphibian Enclosure Model Specs.

Model Number Interior Std. Material Back UL Lead Time
AES-121211-xxx 10x10x9 304 SST Optional Yes 6 Weeks
AES-121811-xxx 10x18x9 304 SST Optional Yes 6 Weeks
AES-181811-xxx 16x16x9 304 SST Optional Yes 6 Weeks
AES-242411-xxx 22x22x9 304 SST Optional Yes 6 Weeks
AES-243612-xxx 20x32x8 304 SST Optional Yes 8-10 Weeks
AES-374218-xxx 23x38x10 304 SST Optional No 8-10 Weeks
AES-364814-xxx 32x44x10 304 SST Optional No 8-10 Weeks
AES-276014-xxx 23x54x10 316 SST Optional No 10 Weeks
AES-517520-xxx 47x71x16 316 SST Optional No 10 Weeks

Amphibian Enclosure Series

Size Range Materials Gasket Standard Finish Lead Time
12"x12"x6" to as large as 55" x 100" x 20" 10g (.135") Type 304 or 316 SST (choice) Custom cut single piece flat gasket White is Standard, Gray is also available 8-10 Weeks (Some Enclosures are Quick Ship)

Mini Amphibian Series

The Mini-Amphibian Series includes smaller enclosures. The design concept is very similar to the larger Amphibian series, listed below, but scaled down in every way.

Size Range Materials Gasket Standard Finish Lead Time
3"x5"x3" to as large as 9" x 9" x 6" 16 Gauge, Type 316 Stainless Steel Custom cut single piece flat gasket White is Standard, Gray is also available 6-8 Weeks    

Custom NEMA 6 Amphibian Series

The Custom Amphibian Series includes two custom shaped enclosures......

Example Enclosure Style     Advantages Disadvantages
small torpedo style nema 6 enclosure Torpedo Shaped Potentially Most Durable, Simple, Compact Longer Lead Time, Limited Sizes
flange style nema 6 enclosure Internal Flange Most Attractive Design Cost, More Complicated Design,
Longer Lead Time


nema 6 enclosure side
nema 6 enclosure open side
nema 6 enclosure side closure


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