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custom nema enclosures
Custom fabricated precision sheet metal chassis, CNC milling and CNC turning examples
Shown above, are some of our value added processes, that tie together many of our services, such asprecision machining and precision sheet metal fabrication, assembled, tested, and shipped at a higher assembly levels.

Assembly and Value Added Services

Sparton is positioned to provide our customers with value added services that allow us to combine our unique set of core competencies in one facility, allowing customers to buy and manage fewer part numbers, while keeping only their core competencies in house. We can combine any of the following manufacturing or assembly processes to streamline both your purchasing and manufacturing floor operations.

          • CNC machining
          • CNC Turning
          • Sheet Metal Fabrication
          • Welding
          • Riveting
          • Hardware and Fastener Installation
          • Gasket and O-ring Installation
          • Simple Functional Product Testing
          • Simple Wiring
          • Installing Labels & Safety Warning Decals
          • Installing PC Boards to Fabricated Parts
          • Installing Leveling Feet or Pads
          • Installing Casters

Inventory Management

Let us manufacture or purchase the materials, and manage the inventory for you. Simplify and streamline your internal processes by purchasing, storing, counting inventory levels, and tracking your supplier's shipments.

          • Kanban
          • Split Deliveries
          • Kitting Part Groups To StreamlineYour Assembly Process
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